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Fourté creates complete mechanical enclosure solutions for the Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver module. We can create custom designs to accommodate your specific needs while remaining compliant with the SFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA).

SFP Metal Enclosure

SFP Release Mechanism

SFP Cage

SFP EMI Fingers

The SFP metal enclosure protects the internal features and allows for easy insertion into the SFP cage. The external features of the SFP metal enclosure remain compliant with SFP MSA while the internal features are customized to your application.

Die Cast Housings. Fourté uses customizable inserts in the master die cast tool to accommodate specific internal features of your SFP metal enclosure.

Machined Housings. Machined housings are used during the prototype phase of the design. We create aluminum prototypes of the SFP metal enclosure.

Features and Benefits
• Machined or die cast
• Two-piece design
• Easy manufacturability
• Easy assembly
• Robust design for DFM

The SFP release mechanism is a metal stamped product with a molded top that is color-coated for different wavelengths. The three piece solution that attaches to the metal enclosure includes a bail, a slide, and two pins.

Unlike other SFP release mechanisms that disengage the module from the SFP cage by applying pressure to the tip of the tongue, Fourté’s SFP release mechanism disengages the module from the SFP cage by applying pressure to the rear of the tongue.

Features and Benefits
• Distinct home position
• Bail rotates 90 degrees
   - Triggers mechanism to disengage module from cage
• Robust design, rugged
• MSA compliant
• RoHS compliant
• Easily implemented to custom applications
• Allows wide range of placement for optical plane
• Industry standard and proven designs
• Cost effective solutions
• Color-coated for different wavelengths

The SFP cage is a one-piece solution that is stamped and formed in compliance with the current MSA. The SFP cage is a metal frame design to be bezel-mounted to an I/O panel with compliant pins for pressing onto the host printed circuit board.

The SFP cages are constructed from a single piece of material. Fourté offers different configurations on material (stainless steel, tin-coated, nickel silver) along with different configurations for the feet. We entertain special requests for modifications on our tooling. The SFP cage conforms to SFP MSA and is RoHS compliant.

Features and Benefits
• Available in press-fit, solder post and PCI (1°) versions
• Spring fingers with two points of contact
• Optional rear-pin design for belly-to-belly applications
• One-piece stamped and formed cage
• Enables use with various board thicknesses and assembly processes
• Offer optimal EMI grounding
• Provides additional PCB real estate with opposite board-side usage
• Guarantees cages are RoHS compliant by eliminating solder
• Allow for flexibility of PCB signal routing of LEDs

The Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) fingers create an electrical seal between two components, the shield housing and the mating surface. The EMI fingers can be customized to your specifications.

Features and Benefits
• Multiple finger contact
• Tortured path corners
• Simple and robust assembly to module
• High grade stainless steel
• Survive multiple insertions and extractions
• Proven design

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